Monday, March 10, 2008

Model Search Evaluation - part 2

Hello folks. First of all, thanks to everyone who helped after my last post regarding this subject. When trying to find models for this evaluation, we again noticed that a model-specific search engine is needed if more serious model searching is to be performed. It was very difficult to do so without a dedicated search engine, and we intend to put this search engine together and help others to find models for teaching and/or reusing. With MDD gaining strength, and models becoming more important as software assets, this may turn out to be a much needed improvement in the near future.

Now we need your help once again. If you are interested in the results of a model search engine, please take some time to access the following link:

and perform the on-line evaluation. It is self-explained, contains a little tutorial, and will allow you to take a good look of how the model search engine works. It does not require any download or installation, and takes a quick time (around 15-20 minutes). By doing so, you will help in this project, which is still in the beginning, but will hopefully bring some contributions for the MDD and reuse areas.


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