Thursday, June 30, 2011

RiSE Labs receives International Researchers

During the period of June-Jully, the RiSE Labs is receiving the visit of two important researchers in the Software Product Lines (SPL) area: David Weiss and John McGregor. In this period, they will give tutorials, invited talks, besides having discussion with master and Ph.D. students from the group. Finally, discussions for cooperation projects are also expected.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Step Towards Comparing Software Retrieval Approaches

As already discussed in a previous post, our community (and various others as well) has recently made a lot of progress in developing interesting and powerful software search and retrieval solutions. However, since most of these approaches have been developed indenpendently of each other it is still hard (if not impossible) to compare them against each other.

Hence, we would like to continue our efforts in this direction and invite submissions for the 1st International Workshop on Comparing Software Retrieval Approaches (CORA 2011, co-located with ICSR). More information can be found on the CORA website.