Friday, June 26, 2009

9th RiSE Day

Next wednesday, on July 1st, right after IV WIRE(*), RiSE will promote its 9th internal workshop, the RiSE Day, an environment in which RiSE Members present their master and doctoral works, some concluded and some 'working in progress', in order to discuss and have feedback on the issues they have been devoted effort.

The 9th RiSE Day will be held at C.E.S.A.R, in Recife-PE, Brazil, at 10:00 a.m. Software reuse practitioners are welcome to make discussions more interesting!

(*) IV WIRE - Workshop to Introduce Reuse in Enterprises - is promoted by RiSE in conjunction with C.E.S.A.R and CIn, and it will be held in next June 29 and 30, 2009.

*UPDATE - Jul 1st, 2009*

This edition included the following presentations:
  • Towards an Approach for Service-Oriented Product Line Architectures - Lecturer: Flavio Medeiros
  • RiPLE-DE - The RiSE Process for Product Line Engineering Design - Lecturer: Ednaldo Dilorenzo
  • RiSE Adoption Process Framework for Software Reuse Adoption in Brazilian Companies - Lecturer: Vinicius Garcia
  • Towards an approach to deal with feature interaction in software product lines - Lecturer: Hernan Muñoz
  • SPL Architectures - Variability in Quality Attributes - Lecturer: Ricardo Cavalcanti
  • Towards an effective Software Product Line Testing Approach - Lecturers: Paulo Anselmo and Ivan Machado

The Ph.D. student Pàdraig O'Leary, from Lero, The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, came to this workshop to experience the research the RiSE group has been conducted and exchange ideas with RiSE members as well. He presented the research he's been worked on, entitled A Process Framework for Product Derivation.

We are glad for the comments and contributions from John D. McGregor and Frank van der Linden, who also joined this international RiSE Day.

Best Dissertation Award

In the last Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality, Fernando Raposo, member from the RiSE Labs was awarded with the best M.Sc. dissertation in the software quality area.

In his work, Fernando defined an approach for component testing and a CASE tool to automate it. Moreover, he defined an experimental study evaluating the approach and tool defined.

Congratulations, Fernando!!