Saturday, March 1, 2008

7th IEEE International Conference on Composition-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS)

Today, it was finished the 7th International Conference on Composition-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS), hosted in Madrid, Spain, during February, 25-29. The conference which had about 80 attendants from university and industry had as the main keynote speakers the notorious professor Ian Sommerville and the distinguished software engineer at IBM, Alan Brown.

The conference discussed issues related to interoperability, methods to systems adaptation, customiation, testing and secutiry, besides exploring strongly Service-Oriented Computing, especially, Service-Oriented Architecture. In his talk, Alan Brown approached it with the talk "Practical Approaches to Delivering Service-Oriented Solutions: The Role of Software Architects and Architecture in an SOA World" highlighting the current state-of-the-practice, the RUP update for SOA, and some specific techniques used there. Alan experience on the topic was very exciting. As a friend said it is incredible to hear a software engineer talking about his experience, results and challengers.

In the conference, the RiSE was represented with a paper about Domain Implementation in Software Product Lines using OSGi which showed our initial experience with this technology in the field of product lines as a structured method.
By the way, an important topic which I would like to highlight is the hype on Service-Oriented Computing. Last week, I had a small meeting with some researchers and students at Virginia Tech University and this aspect was also discussed from different point of views including reuse. At RiSE this topic is also being explored with methods and systematic ways to perform it. We hope in the future post more discussions about it especially related to reuse which is starting to happen.

For the interested, the next conference will be in U.S. on February. So put it in your agenda.

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