Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where the Jobs Are - Past Forecast

The research has one year, but I think that it is still valid to see what happened. IEEE Spectrum surveyed 752 IEEE members about the past, present and future technological trends they are seeing. The questions were:

1. Do you think the number of R&D employees in your organization has…
2. What type of change do you expect in the number of R&D employees at your organization?
3. What technology area, including academia, would you advise students interested in R&D to get involved with?
4. What proportion of your R&D do you do offshore?
5. Which of the following problems (if any) have you experienced with offshoring R&D?
6. How much money does your organization spend on R&D per year?

You can see the full research here.

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Fred Durao said...

This discussion has two sides: the researcher’s side and employer’s one. From the researcher point of view, it would be nice to see every R&D being tacked by post graduate students from universities and technical institutions in which such research have real (and relevant) purpose, not only satisfying academic deadlines and after becoming unused. From the employer point of view, although the lack of culture of some employer in investing in R&D programs, I presume that massive federal taxes barriers such investments besides the complex burocratic system to put such programs in practices. Unfortunately the mix of both troubles breaks company managers to initiate programs with this purpose. In spite of not being the most competent person to talk about that…this is my feeling.