Thursday, January 10, 2008

ADMIRE: Asset Development Metrics-based Integrated Reuse Environment

Today, we will publish in this blog one more M.Sc. dissertation defended in our group.

Jorge Mascena's dissertation presents a relevant contribution for the field involving reuse tools and metrics. Nowadays, Mascena is living in U.S. working as a Project Manager.

Here is the abstract of the work: “The challenge for achieving a more efficient software engineering practice comprises a vast number of obstacles related to the intrinsic complexity of software systems and their surrounding contexts. Consequently, software systems tend to fail in meeting the real needs they were developed to address, consuming more resources,
thus having a higher cost, and taking longer to complete than anticipated.

The software reuse field is often regarded as the most promising discipline for closing these gaps, however, it still fails to fulfill this promise by providing a comprehensive set of models and tools that can be adopted on a systematic way.

This leads to a poor reuse activity in most software development organizations. One of the main reasons for the low reuse activity is that developers simply do not attempt to reuse because of a number of factors, including lack of knowledge about reusable assets and the notion that the cost for reusing is higher than the cost of developing new code.

This work aims at building an integrated reuse environment, the Asset Development Metrics-based Integrated Reuse Environment (ADMIRE), that addresses this problem in two fronts: (1) aiding developers to achieve a higher reuse activity and (2) providing managers with means to monitor the achieved reuse activity and thus take prompt corrective actions.

An active information delivery scheme is used to provide the first part, while a continuous reuse metric extraction mechanism is employed to implement the second part. A new reuse metric is proposed for this purpose and the resulting ADMIRE environment is evaluated with a set of real projects from a software development organization.”

See the full document here.

2 comments: said...

Good timely topic.. The author points to a number of factors that very important.

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Fred Durao said...

The ADMIRE system brings two important features in one! In addition to propose a new reuse metric, it implements the active information search mechanism quite useful for developers that aim to get information in hands. By adding context features into this mechanism likely it will be eligible to be present in any software development environment. This is a good job!