Friday, November 30, 2007

Celebration - Latin American Fellowship Program:: Microsoft Research

Tonight, we received one more very nice confirmation. I am very pleased to announce that the selection process for the Latin American Fellowship Program at Microsoft Research in Redmond has been completed and Daniel Lucredio RiSE member - has been selected as a new Fellow at Microsoft Research, the most prestigious student award.

His mentor there will be Dr. Ethan Jackson from the Foundations of Software Engineering group. Nowadays, Daniel is doing his Ph.D. sandwich at George Mason University. In this time, the entire RiSE staff in Brazil congrats him for it.
Congratulations and let’s have more champagne.


Vinicius Garcia said...

Yeah little boy, congratulations...
I alway sad: "Daniel is a genius, is a great researcher!!!" hehehe

Congratulations Daniel!!!

Evandro Dugnani said...

Congratulations Daniel!!
You deserve it! :-)

Best regards.

Daniel Lucrédio said...

Thanks, everyone. The people from RiSE, and mostly Eduardo, were of great importance for this award, in every aspect. So this is our award.