Thursday, November 8, 2007

Celebration - CRUISE book - Part II

The celebration for the CRUISE book was very nice. There, we had a video with our chief scientist and RiSE's coordinator, professor Silvio Meira. Next, Eduardo Almeida presented an overview about the RiSE. Finally, after the talks and questions by the attendants composed of professors, CEOs, academic directors, students, friends, and relatives, we had an excellent cocktail with drinks, foods, and good conversations.

In the picture, we have some authors: Vinicius Garcia, Alexandre Alvaro, Eduardo Almeida, Leandro Marques, and Vanilson Burégio. The other ones, Silvio Meira, Jorge Mascena, and Daniel Lucrédio were in meetings in other states with government authorities (Silvio Meira) and living in U.S. (Jorge Mascena and Daniel Lucrédio).

At the end, all the authors and the RiSE's staff (in the picture), would like to thank all the people, especially, Veronica Lemos our marketing partnership at, C.E.S.A.R, and the Livraria Cultura.



Yguarat� C. Cavalcanti said...

it was a very nice celebration!! Congratulations, again, to the authors. Good work!

Fred Durao said...

The great differential of the RiSE is the self leadership; everyone knows about its own potential and how to apply it in favor to the group. Although the particularities of everyone, the whole members share same objectives and fight for them. In addition to the research and highly qualified work, the RiSE group primes for friendship which, in fact, represents the great fuel for the success since its origins. Congratulations to all!

Vinicius Garcia said...
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Vinicius Garcia said...

Thank you people!
Without you, this book (and all work that we do, or trying to do :P) would not be possible.
Go on, be a reuser!

Eduardo Almeida said...

Good comments, Fred!