Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Regression Test Selection in SPL

According to Harrold One factor contributing to high cost spent on the maintenance phase it’s a time required to reanalyze and retest the software after it has been changed.

Some regression techniques have been proposed:

One important technique is Regression Test Selection that consist Choose a subset of tests from the old test set, and uses this subset to test the modified program [2];

Some criteria are used for apply test selection [3]:

• Test suite reduction;
• Test execution time;
• Test selection time;
• Total time;

Find and explores efficient test selection criteria for spl can help to reduce more cost involved in spl testing context. The two main key: variability and commonalities must be explored for support the criteria, together traceability between variability and test cases or commonalities and test cases. With goal to support the definition of Test selection criteria for SPL;

In this moment we study e test a mix of possibilities between techniques and criteria with focus in application in SPL testing context… in another day we going to write more about this subject;

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