Tuesday, September 9, 2008

34th IEEE EUROMICRO Conference

During the last week, from September 3rd to 5th, the 34th IEEE EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications was held in Parma, Italy. Two papers from RiSE group have been accepted for the conference: the first is entitled “A Case Study in Software Product Lines – The Case of the Mobile Game Domain”, from Leandro Nascimento, Eduardo Almeida and Silvio Meira; the other one is entitled “InCoME: Integrated Cost Model for Product Line Engineering”, Jarley Nobrega, Eduardo Almeida and Silvio Meira. I had the pleasure to attend to the conference and present both papers.

The conference was composed of keynote speeches and special sessions including regular papers, work in progress and posters (see the program here).

The keynote speeches were held in the mornings and the special sessions in the afternoons, handling different topics and bringing great discussions among the participants. My presentation was held in the first day of the conference, September 3rd, in the Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) track. Two special sessions occurred in this first day: Services and Product Lines. In this last special session, I presented firstly the Jarley’s work followed by my work. During both presentations relevant questions and suggestions came up contributing significantly to the progress of both works. At the end of the day, a welcome cocktail was served in the Palazzo Sanvitale, giving the participants the opportunity to taste a typical Parmesan Cheese.

In the second day of EUROMICRO conference, I participated in two special sessions in the CBSE track: OSGi and Embedded Systems. As it was not a surprise, OSGi has got one dedicated special session as it is considered the new buzzword in academia in aspects related to Component-Based Development (CBD). As the technology is being applied in different context in practice, the three works in OSGi session presented practical solutions for real problems involving bundle updates, resource monitoring in OSGi-based components and OSGi stale references. In the sequence, the Embedded Systems session included papers describing techniques for CBD in the embedded systems context. At the end of the day, we attended to a concert by Corale Verdi, a world famous chorus specialized in opera pieces, followed by a social dinner at Cavallino Bianco.

In the last day of conference, I attended to a special session also in CBSE track named Component Models. Topics related to Model-Driven Development (MDD) and compositional CBD for embedded systems were covered in this special session.

It is very grateful to see the academia recognition of RiSE’s work in different conferences around the world as you could see in older posts in this blog. I hope to see many other posts like this written by conference attendees from RiSE group.

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Eduardo Almeida said...

Hi Leandro, nice report from the conference. Regarding the topics, I believe that SPL, MDD and still CBD are current research topics for research and practical solutions. For practice solutions, for example, we can see the success of OSGi.
For me, one of the reasons of this success and use in industry is due to number of companies behind the consortium. In general, it is composed by companies, and relevant ones from autombile sector, for example.