Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3rd Workshop for Introducing Reuse in Enterprises (WIRE)

As posted before in this blog, during June 27-28 happened the 3rd Workshop for Introducing Reuse in Enterprises (WIRE) in Recife, Brazil. The workshop was composed of tutorials, panels, keynotes, and a lot of discussions (see the program here). Key researchers working on the topic were there, such as Jan Bosch (VP, Engineering Process Intuit Inc., EUA) and Paulo Merson (Software Engineering Institute, USA).
During these days, the main topic in discussion was Software Product Lines. Jan Bosch (here and here) talked a lot about his experience in Software Product Lines adoption in industry, the main problems, the benefits, the big challenges, his maturity model for SPL. At the end of the first day, professor Paulo Borba (UFPE) presented an industrial report about a big project involving several institutions and a Game Mobile company addressed to implement a product line in the game mobile domain. The results were very interesting and the opportunity to see something closer to us was very important for the attendance. Moreover, in the first day we had other two industrial reports regarding reuse in industry. In the first one, Eduardo Cruz talked about RiSE's solutions to improve the productivity in software development, covering process, methods and tools. In the second one, Eliseu Santos talked about the CPM Braxis experience in adopt reuse in it software development process, the main problems, the business decisions related to reuse practices, and the solutions adopted to face these challenges.

In the second day was held the Industrial Panel, where the attendance asked the guests about everything related to reuse adoption, software product lines challenges, legal aspects related to software reuse, non technical decision, etc. The panel was formed by Eduardo Almeida (RiSE), Eliseu Santos (CPM Braxis), Jan Bosh (Intuit Inc.), Paulo Adeodato (Neurotech) and was moderated by Eduardo Cruz (RiSE). After the painel, Paulo Merson started his talk about Service-Oriented Architecture for Quality-Oriented Architects, a practical information for the creation and evaluation of the architecture of an SOA system was discussed. Next, Paulo Merson discussed important questions to how to document product lines architectures using UML 2.0 and other solutions.
If you did not have the opportunity to be there, the workshop pictures and presentations are available in the WIRE web site. If you were there, it is time to remember more.

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Eduardo Almeida said...

Yes, the workshop was very interesting and is good to see it growing year by year. Moreover, the reuse community and maturity in Brazil is keeping up and workshop as it is essential. The same way that others workshops such as WISR inspired strongly other conferences as ICSR.