Sunday, June 1, 2008

10th International Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR) – Final Feedback

As I posted before in this blog, last week happened the International Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR) in Beijing, China. The conference was composed of tutorials, workshops, doctoral symposium, demo tools, and regular papers (see the program here). The key researchers working on the topic were there.

The main discussion during the ICSR involved search and retrieval and its related issues, architectures for reuse, COST, and several aspects of product lines (variability, domain analysis, feature interaction, technologies, and quality). Finally, two points should be highlighted: services starting to be discussed also in software reuse and empirical studies in the area. These two points are important: first, it is interesting to see some work investigating the [real] possibility of services work well in the reuse scenario; second, empirical results indicate that the field is each more becoming more mature with solid evaluations.

By the way, in this conference, the RiSE Labs presented two papers related to model-driven reuse and our repository system. In addiction, the RiSE business unit presented two of our products in the tools session.

The next ICSR will be in 2010. So far, we do not know where the conference will be hosted. When it was known, this blog will announce.


Alan Kelon said...

Reuse is not an SOA concept:

Eduardo Almeida said...

Hi Alan, I am not saying that reuse is a SOA concept. What I am considering is the relationship between services and reuse. It is starting to be merged. The first concrete explanation about it was presented by Clemens Szyperski during ECOOP 2002.

There Clemens explained about services as the next step for software components. Nowadays, this area is begining in the reuse scenario.