Monday, April 7, 2008

6th RiSE Day

Last Saturday was accomplished the 6th RiSE Day. A special day in which we discussed all works performed by the RiSE members - some concluded, some "working in progress" and some in the "embryonal state".

The first section was devoted to the concluding work. We discussed some aspects related to reuse adoption {motivation, problems, goals and the framework proposed as solution}; new research trends in the LiFT - Legacy Information retrieval Tool (link in portuguese); the current state of the ToolDay, a tool for Domain Analysis (link in portuguese); set of work related to search and retrieval reusable assets {such as, Data Mining, Semantic, Ontology, Context-aware}; and, a systematic architecture method for SOA-based enterprise applications.

The second section covered work related to Software Product Lines such as: requirement engineering for SPL; domain design methods; core assets development in SPL (using the Mobile domain); and, aspects related to evolution and maintenance in SPL. This section finished with a discussion about an effective component testing approach.

The last section was a mix of other research trends, such as: new approaches for improve the reusable assets search and retrieval; duplicate bug and change requests detection; and a cost model for SPL.

This RiSE Day showed that the group is covering different aspects {technological, organizational, business and financial} related to software reuse {introduction, evolution and maintenance}.

In the 6th edition of the RISE Day, we had about 30 participants, from other groups of the CIn-UFPE, UPE and others universities; software companies like SERPRO, Pitang, C.E.S.A.R, Porto Digital among others.

We would like to thank all RiSE members, to dedicate your time to discuss a lot of work and help in disseminate the reuse practices in the Recife software environment.

Thank you guys! See you in the 7th RiSE Day.

See all pictures here !


Eduardo Almeida said...

As Vinicius summarized, RiSE Day is an incredible day for people working with software reuse. In addiction, it can be a good start point to everyone interested in understanding more about reuse and seeing the state of the art and practice in the area.
Moreover, it is a good time to have discussion with specialists in different aspects related to reuse.
I hope seeing the pictures here - we do not have the videos - and participating in the next one.

Fred Durao said...

I was there and I confirm that RiSE Day was a excelent opportunity to discuss relevant issues of Software Reuse!