Monday, December 3, 2007

RiSE Summer School (RiSS) - Final Remarks

Yes, yesterday the RiSE Summer School – the first event around the world in this direction - came to its end. The event could put together the main names from industry and university together. During these days, Ivica, Frakes, Dirk, Wayne, Prieto and Krueger were incredible. In the second day, Dirk showed all his experience working with software product lines. It is incredible his experience and advances in the field. This guy is doing an incredible work in the field. After that, the show man, Wayne Lim, started a historical talk in software reuse. Wayne divided the room in a new shape and simulated a practical case study with roles and points of view. Wayne was brilliant.

In the last day, Prieto discussed his ideas about libraries, facets and their evolution into ontologies. After that, Krueger started his presentation. Krueger was incredible. He could show how a CEO can do a nice talk and present his product in a hands on way. Krueger was also very impressive. I think that he could discuss for all night.

After the talks, the awards were announced. The first one was the Reuse Guy. Ricardo Cavalcanti, software engineer at C.E.S.A.R, was incredible. This guy had several questions during all the talks and was awarded by audience and organizers. In the second one, Wayne Lim, was awarded with the best course in the summer school. Wayne was incredible and had incredible acceptance by the attendants.

If you did not have opportunity to be there, in the next week we will publish the videos and interviews during the conference. If you were there, it is time to remember more.

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Ricardo Cavalcanti said...

Thanks again for the award. It was an amazing event. I look forward to RISS 2008.