Monday, October 22, 2007

XXI Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES)

Last week I participated in the XXI Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES) in João Pessoa, Paraíba. The event had several technical sessions, presentations, tutorials and panels in different software engineering areas. Furthermore, the SBES 2007 had workshops and the tools session, in which the RiSE Group were represented by two tools: ToolDAy – a tool that aids the domain analyst during the process, providing documentation, model views, consistency checker and reports generation. And also by the LIFT – which extracts knowledge from legacy systems source code, in order to aid the analyst in understanding the system’s requirements.

Among other activities, the SBES had a panel with RiSE group coordinator Silvio Meira (C.E.S.A.R and Federal University of Pernambuco), Don Batory (University of Texas), David Rosenblum (University College London), Claudia Werner (COPPE/ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and Itana Gimenes (State University of Maringá) about Academic and Industrial Cooperation in Software Engineering. The panel rose questions about why there is so little cooperation between them, and how it can be improved. In this panel the LIFT tool was cited several times as a successful example of cooperation between Academy (Federal University of Pernambuco) and Industry (C.E.S.A.R and Pitang Software Factory)


Eduardo Almeida said...

Yes, the SBES is improving during the years. One important issue in this year was this panel. I think that we need more discussion as this one. However, sometimes, I think that we could have just one BIG event related to software engineering in Brazil including reuse, quality, formal methods and programming languagens conferences. I know that it is polemic, but...For me, other point that is improving also is the tools session. I saw it start during the SBES 2000 and every year it is going better. By the way, in my opnion, I think that one important consideration could be add an industry specialist to review the tools. Because, nowadays, just researchers analyze it. Thus, I think that the researchers could analyze the papers and the prototype by the practitioners.

Vinicius Garcia said...

I agree with Eduardo in all aspects. The SBES conference is a great opportunity to discuss some concerns related to software engineering, mainly the relationship between university and industry.
I think that if we had a ONE big conference, such as ICSE, is better to all researchers and practitioners...
This panel is a great revolution in Brazilian conferences. We started this kind of discussion in WDBC'2006, and I'm very happy to this activity was adopted by others committees (WDBC'2007 and SBES'2007). I hope that this don't stop.