Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RiSE publishes a survey about software reuse in the Brazilian industry scenario

The paper entitled "Software Reuse: The Brazilian Industry Scenario", authored by Daniel Lucrédio, Kellyton Brito, Alexandre Alvaro, Vinicius Garcia, Eduardo Almeida, Renata Fortes and Silvio Meira, will be published in the Journal of Systems and Software, one of the world's most important vehicles in the Software Engineering area. The study analyzed 57 small, medium and large companies in the country, with the objective of identifying the decisive factors for adopting a software reuse program. The study aimed at answering the main doubts and concerns of the companies seeking to promote software reuse.

Similar studies were already conducted in other countries, including surveys from Bill Frakes, from VirginiaTech, Maurizio Morisio, from Politecnico di Torino and David Rine, from George Mason University. Now, with this survey from the RiSE group being published, the Brazilian scenario begins to figure as an important part of the reuse literature, serving as basis for other reuse researchers and practitioners.

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